Latest News -York City Walls Closure

York City Walls

A section of York’s historic city walls is undergoing renovations, necessitating a six-week closure between Micklegate Bar and Station Rise. This closure, announced by a City of York Council spokesperson, will last until Friday, June 28. The affected part of the walls will be closed on weekdays but will remain accessible during weekends.

The renovation involves constructing a new retaining wall and rampart following the removal of Queens Street Bridge. This adjustment is part of a broader redevelopment initiative aimed at enhancing access to the front of York’s railway station for taxis, buses, and pedestrians. The bridge, originally constructed in 1877 to span railway tracks which have since been removed, played a role in supporting the city walls. With the bridge now relocated further from the walls, the new structures are intended to stabilize and maintain the integrity of the historic fortifications.

The council has put measures in place to inform the public about the closure. Gates leading to the closed section will be locked, and signs will direct pedestrians on how to rejoin the wall walk at other points.

York’s city walls, primarily built in the 13th Century, are a significant cultural landmark and attract tourists worldwide. Visitors typically enjoy walking the elevated circular route around the city centre, which offers free access all year round. The ongoing construction is part of the city’s efforts to preserve this historical structure while accommodating modern urban needs.