Latest Openings – Cambridge Street Collective vendors announced

Street Food in Sheffield

The anticipation is high in Sheffield as the Cambridge Street Collective, poised to be Europe’s largest purpose-built food hall, prepares to open on Thursday, May 23. This exciting venue is managed by the creators of the well-loved Cutlery Works food hall and will accommodate up to 1,200 diners. The food hall will feature an array of amenities including rooftop terraces, augmented reality darts, a children’s play area, and complimentary family activities. The list of 20 vendors, now fully confirmed, showcases a diverse culinary offering. Highlights include a new venture by the team behind a Michelin-recommended restaurant and numerous independent traders who will introduce a variety of global flavours, ranging from Thai to Mexican and West African cuisines. This eclectic mix promises to make the Cambridge Street Collective a significant culinary hub in Sheffield.

1. Hungry Buddha

Hungry Buddha, a favourite at Sheffield’s Moor Market, brings the authentic tastes of the Himalayas to the Steel City. The stall is operated by Dev, who grew up in Kathmandu and later became a mountain trek leader in Nepal. It was during this time that he met his Sheffield-born wife. Dev honed his culinary skills in London at the renowned Bombay Bicycle Club before travelling across Nepal and South India to deepen his understanding of regional cuisines. Hungry Buddha is celebrated for its traditional South Indian dishes like crispy dosa pancakes filled with various ingredients, served with homemade sambar and coconut chutney, and the ‘delectable’ homemade thali-style curries.

2. Samui Thai Street Food

Samui Thai Street Food, led by Thai boxing coach Preeda, delivers powerful flavors reminiscent of his home on Koh Samui island. With a successful cafe in Nether Edge, Preeda’s most sought-after dishes include Massaman curry and prawn pad thai. Meanwhile, Michies introduces Detroit-style pizza to Sheffield, founded by Grace of Little Dough fame from the Cutlery Works food hall. Michies’ pizzas blend American and Italian tastes with a British twist, featuring cheesy crusts and unique toppings. Available by the slice or whole ‘pie’, Michies also offers a rotating selection of special sides like American Carnival-themed treats.

3. Michies pizza

Michies, founded by Grace of Little Dough at Sheffield’s Cutlery Works, brings Detroit-style pizza with a unique twist, combining American and Italian flavours with British quirkiness. Known for their cheesy crusts and bold flavours, Michies offers pizzas by the slice or whole ‘pie’. Additionally, they feature a rotating menu of special sides, including American Carnival-inspired options.

4. El Chappo

El Chappo is run by Liam, who used to serve in the RAF but left to pursue his culinary dreams full time. The Mexican fusion menu, it is said, ‘blends authentic Mexican classics with modern twists, creating a symphony of flavours that captivate the senses’.

5. KYŌYŪ Grill & Sushi Bar

KYŌYŪ Grill & Sushi Bar, founded by the adept sushi chef Kevin, promises an ‘unforgettable journey around Japan’ by blending sushi with BBQ and traditional Japanese cuisine with contemporary innovation. Kevin’s sushi rolls are renowned for being ‘impressive works of art,’ merging classic flavours with modern flair. The restaurant features an interactive grill concept where diners can select from a range of marinated meats, fresh seafood, and vegetables to cook right at their tables. Accompanying the meal, guests can enjoy a selection of Japanese sake, whisky, beer, or specially curated highballs from the Japanese-focused bar upstairs, enhancing the unique dining experience.

6. Homeland Delicacy

Homeland Delicacy is set to bring the rich and vibrant flavors of West Africa to the new food hall. The menu boasts ‘timeless’ classics, such as jollof rice, enriched with a robust tomato sauce and a hint of heat from scotch bonnet peppers, and the ‘smooth, heart-filling’ fufu, perfect for pairing with homemade soups. Meanwhile, Little Penang, founded by Jack from Penang, Malaysia, will offer a taste of Malaysia in Sheffield with dishes like Chicken Curry, Nasi Lemak, Ayam Rendang, Chicken Rice, and Mamak style Maggie Goreng. Jack, who also owns the Many Mart Asian supermarket in Sheffield and previously managed a restaurant in London, is eager to delight Sheffield diners with his culinary creations, drawing on his deep-rooted experience and passion for Malaysian cuisine.

7. Little Penang

Little Penang, founded by Jack from Penang, Malaysia, will introduce the vibrant flavours of Malaysian cuisine to Sheffield. The menu will feature traditional dishes such as Malaysian Chicken Curry, Nasi Lemak, Ayam Rendang, Chicken Rice, and Mamak style Maggie Goreng. Jack, who owns the Many Mart Asian supermarket in Sheffield and previously operated a restaurant in London, is excited to share his culinary heritage in his adopted city. Additionally, Unit, with two established burger joints in Sheffield, offers a variety of burgers including the classic cheeseburger and unique creations like the Buff Ting. Their offerings also include slow-cooked briskets, mac ‘n’ cheese, and wings, highly praised by Rate My Takeaway YouTube star Danny Malin as ‘absolutely gorgeous’ during his visit a few years ago.

9. Tiny Shop

Tiny Shop, acclaimed as the ‘best bubble tea shop in Sheffield’, first opened in 2019 at New Era Square and is now expanding to the Cambridge Street Collective. Renowned for using real tea leaves and premium ingredients, Tiny Shop allows customers to customise their bubble tea—originating from Taiwan—by adjusting ice and sugar levels and choosing from a variety of toppings like chewy tapioca, popping balls, and jelly. Additionally, it offers fresh blended fruit teas infused with natural flavours like strawberry, grape, and melon, paired with various tea bases including black, jasmine, oolong, or matcha.

10. Zaika-e-Pakistan

Zaika-e-Pakistan, originally Tamarind Kitchen at The Moor Outdoor Market, offers authentic Pakistani flavours spanning from Sindh to Kashmir. It boasts a menu of fragrant samosas, tantalising samosa chaat, spicy chicken seekh kebabs on garlic naan, succulent tandoori chicken drumsticks, Sheffield’s ‘finest’ chicken karahi, ‘famous’ chicken biryani, and mouthwatering dal made to a secret recipe, quickly earning a loyal following for its rich and diverse culinary offerings.

11. House of Habesha

House of Habesha offers the ‘incredible’ flavours of Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, specialising in hearty, healthy dishes prepared using traditional methods. Popular options include Spicy Timtimo, a red lentil stew with onion, garlic, ginger, and berbere spices, and Kulwa Keyh, finely sliced lamb cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and berbere spices. The menu features numerous vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, along with halal meat selections.

12. Gyros Express

Gyros Express, founded by Efi and Spiros of Greek Gods’ Cuisine fame, brings authentic Greek food to Sheffield. Their struggle to find genuine Greek flavours while studying in the city inspired this venture. Diners can savour mouthwatering chicken gyros wrapped in warm pita, topped with crisp vegetables and creamy tzatziki, alongside delicious sausages seasoned with a harmonious mix of spices and herbs.

13. Baity

Five years ago, Ali launched what was then the first Palestinian restaurant in northern England, in Manchester. His mission was to introduce the authentic flavours, passion, and rich heritage of his homeland to the UK. The restaurant has been a huge success, garnering mentions in the Independent and BBC Food, prompting an expansion to Sheffield. The menu features velvety smooth, 72-hour prepared Jerusalem-style hand-whipped hummus, Musakhan chicken with tangy confit sumac onions, and a viral Palestinian-inspired Sunday roast with slow-roasted pomegranate lamb and moist Miramiya Chicken.

14. Vnam

Since its 2010 launch in Manchester, Vnam has gained a large following with its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and is now expanding to Sheffield. Specialising in Pho, flat rice noodles in a famously rich broth simmered for 12-18 hours, Vnam also offers popular dishes like Fresh Summer Rolls—pork, prawns, noodles, and herbs in rice paper with peanut sauce—and BBQ Pork & Noodles, featuring marinated pork belly with rice noodles, salad, and fish sauce.

15. TANG

TANG, known for its popular soup bowls, has been a favourite at food halls in Liverpool and Manchester, attracting visitors from across the UK. Originating from the Sichuan word Ma-La-Tang, meaning ‘numbing hot soup,’ diners can customise their bowls with various ingredients, choosing their soup base and desired spice level, from mild to mega hot.

16. Send Noods

Send Noods, a cheekily named restaurant by Vinny Yu, acclaimed for Gordon Ramsay’s Best Chinese, brings Hong Kong flavours to Sheffield. The menu features noodles, homemade dim sum, succulent Chinese roast meats, and modern twists on Cantonese classics.

17. Egg & Co

Egg & Co, the first ‘egg sandwich concept’ in the north, offers exceptional brunch sandwiches crafted by Umer Khalid to ‘elevate the simple egg sandwich.’ The menu includes classics like bacon, egg, and cheese, and signature creations with unique sauces on artisan brioche buns.

18. Locale Coffee

Locale Coffee, a new venture from Cuppers Choice Coffee Roasters in Sheffield, was daringly launched by Jasper, Harley, and Thomas during the Covid pandemic. Quickly rising as a leading name in the UK specialty coffee industry, they promise coffee enthusiasts some of the world’s finest brews, served simply and without compromise.

19. Frerot

Frerot, a new project from brothers Luke and Joseph Grayson of the acclaimed Juke & Loe, offers a modern British dining experience. Though details are scarce, the venture promises high standards reminiscent of their previous restaurant. This follows Juke & Loe’s closure earlier this year.

20. Kumo

Kumo is described as an Asian-focused bar serving ‘premium’ cocktails and specialising in Japanese whisky and highballs. More details are expected to be announced soon.